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I am in Nashville at wild horse saloon and see you are playing here can't tell you how bummed I am that I'm missing it! #sad
I am so sad right now
Thank you Lillian, it is very sad for me, but I am excited to see the #yegfood community evolve & support eachother!
I'm am honestly too caring of others & selfless. The sad thing is. I can't do anything bout it.
Did I mention that I am sad I have to go back to work tomorrow....but happy I can just do my job for now on.....
I am sad. Purdue deserved it. #marchmadness
I feel so sick to my stomach. I am so sad.
that's just sad I really am mad now!!!!!!
oh god last pick. do I take Trumbo because I will be sad if I don't or do I take someone else I don't know I am too neurotic for this shit
I am hungry. Wanna cook sup ayam but multi cooker rosak. I have to buy the third multi cooker after this :( Me iz sad.