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###google-translate in you desktop

you can run this app in this commond:

python translate.py

then you can input you words after a moment you will get the result and it can translate from chinese to english or english to chinese

the especially function is that the app can record your words which you input and one way it can improve the speed of translation the other nice way you can put these all words you have inputed in a file and print it .because these words always be your Commonly used words, and you also can know how many times you query every word

you just use follow command

python word_into_file.py [filename]

it can help you put the all words into your file



python translate.py

就可以打开一个命令行界面,在界面是可以任意输入中文或者是英文,按下回车键,很快就会得到你想要的结果 ,而且这很适应在linux下环境工作。

另外它比网页翻译更好的地方,就是能够保存你输入过的所有单词,每次翻译时候,会先搜索你曾经输入过 的单词,因此一段时间后,你会发现它的翻译速度非常快。

我们都知道,很多时候我们都在查询同一个单词是什么意思,这是非常恼人的。因此,在使用这个软件的时候, 在一段时间后,你可以将里面你之前查询过的单词全部导出到一个文件中。这样你就可以打印它们,同时你可以 看到每个单词你曾经查询的次数,然后很自信地记住它们。 导出命令如此下

python word_into_file.py [filename]

#####also it has more Imperfects need you contribute to it