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🔋⚡️ An app that displays and helps you to search data retrieved from the public aWATTar API ⚡️🔋


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⚡️ AWattPrice ⚡️

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🌍 Supported aWATTar regions: Germany 🇩🇪 and Austria 🇦🇹

💰 Cost: 100% free of charge

💬 Supported languages: German and English

📱 Supported devices: iOS 15+ and iPadOS 15+ devices

🗂 App category: Utilities


AWattPrice shows the hourly prices by the electricity provider aWATTar. Instead of paying a fixed price for electricity, aWATTar customers are billed the current stock price. These prices are based on factors like available wind and solar power generation. Hence, they vary over time. Let's say one wants to operate a washing machine for some time. It will pay off to run it when prices are low. That reduces the electricity bill and helps the grid to balance out peaks. Further it strengthens the use of regenerative power.


1️⃣ Show hourly electricity prices in an interactive chart.

2️⃣ Find the time frame with the lowest energy cost. Example: Charge the car by 23 kWh via an 11 kW outlet. The app will tell when to start for the minimal cost. You can also enter a time amount to find the cheapest prices for.

3️⃣ Get notified when prices drop under a certain value.

Prices are sourced from the public aWATTar data feed. You can switch between prices for Austria and Germany. At about 2 pm the data is updated to show prices for the following day.

AWattPrice is a personal hobby project. Sharing is caring. The app is not related in any way to the company aWATTar GmbH. Feedback of all kind and patches are very welcome.


Technical Note:

AWattPrice consists out of two parts: The main app bundle and the backend part. To not overload the public aWATTar API AWattPrice caches the current price data. The AWattPrice Backend will only call the aWATTar API a few times a day.