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M17 system compatible radio.
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Schematics are ready! We are working on PCBs now.
TR-9 is a handheld transceiver (HT) for the M17 standard. Its specification can be found here.


The heart of TR-9 is STM32F777VI microcontroller. The handheld also contains:

  • a DEM 128128A TMH-PW-N 1.44" 128x128px TFT display
  • an ESP8266-12F WiFi module
  • an ADF7021 chip for the RF
  • an LSM9DS1 9DoF sensor
  • a USB-micro connector for firmware update (so-called DFU mode)
  • an SD-micro card slot for codeplug and storage
  • a connector for a GNSS module
  • a Kenwood connector for external MIC/SPK

RF output level can be regulated by the software. The maximum power output is 3 watts. The radio can work with both analog and digital modulation.


M17 standard was designed having Codec2 vocoder in mind. TR-9 takes advantage of STM's internal Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) hardware for optional end-to-end encryption. There is a possibility of using other block ciphers and scrambling.

This repo contains SW4STM32 project for the TR-9 board.

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