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Download and plot GOES satellite PNGs and high-resolution NetCDF4 by date/time
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GOES Utilities

Quick Python script to download and plot GOES satellite preview and hi-resolution data by date/time.

goesutils7 absorption


python -m pip install -e .


The scripts work with two types of data:

Full fidelity data

Select data using GOES shopping cart. Search by date, geographic region. Consider getting NetCDF format data unless you're familiar with the other options. Register for NOAA CLASS if needed.

It may take up to 48 hours to get access to your order. NOAA CLASS emails you when data is ready. Each 5-10 minute set of multi-band data is several hundred megabytes at full resolution.

Preview (3 hour cadence)

  1. Get GOES preview imagedata with parallel download:
    python goesnum start stop outdir
    example: download IR from GOES-13 2018-01-01 to 2018-01-02 to ~/data/goes13:
    python 13 IR 2018-01-01T00 2018-01-03T00 ~/data/goes13
    These are updated every 3 hours. For science use, you'll want the full fidelity GOES data updated on minutely timescale.
  2. Plot GOES IR data georegistered via Cartopy:
    python ~/data/goes13
    Plot a specific file:
    python ~/data/goes13/2018-01-01T12:35:00.jpg
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