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IRI2016 ionosphere model from Python and Matlab

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Python and Matlab interfaces to the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) 2016 model. A Fortran compiler is required to build the IRI2016 code.



  • Fortran compiler--any modern Fortran compiler will do. Here's how to get Gfortran:
    • Linux: apt install gfortran
    • Mac: brew install gcc
    • Windows: consider MSYS2

and then install latest release:

pip install iri2016

if you want the latest development version:

git clone

pip install -e iri2016

This Python wrapper of IRI2016 uses our build-on-run technique. On the first run or iri2016.IRI() the Fortran code is built--we call this "build on run".

If you have errors about building on the first run, ensure that your Fortran compiler is specified in environment variable FC--this is what most build systems use to indicate the desired Fortran compiler (name or full path).


  • Altitude Profile: plot density and temperatures vs altitude

    python -m iri2016.altitude 2003-11-21T12 -11.95 -76.77


  • Latitude profile: plot densities and height at the peak of F2, F2, and E regions vs geographic latitude

    python -m iri2016.latitude 2004-11-21T17 -76.77


  • Time profile: plot densities and height at the peak of F2, F2, and E regions vs UTC

    python -m iri2016.time 2014-11-21 2014-11-22 1 -11.95 -76.77




  • Latitude vs Longitude: plot of foF2 a function of geographic latitude and longitude image

setting JF flags

irisub.for has a few dozen logical flags stored in variable JF. To reconfigure those flags, edit iri2016_driver.f90 and recompile iri2016_driver.exe.


IRI2016 is readily accessible from Matlab. From within Matlab verify everything is working by:


The Examples directory has simple example use with plots.

Matlab IRI2016 plot

Data files

iri2016/iri2016/data/index/{apf107,ig_rz}.dat are regularly updated. Currently we don't auto-update those.