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PCB Satellite

Space Technologies at Cal (

University of California, Berkeley

Getting Started

Clone this repository. Then:


  1. Obtain the STAC Eagle library by running:

    git submodule init
    git submodule update
  2. Add the library to Eagle.


  1. Install MSP430-GCC and MSPDebug.

  2. In firmware/, make a new file called and specify the path to your MSP430-GCC installation. For example:

  3. Run make from firmware/ to build all firmware configurations. To build a specific configuration, change to the appropriate subdirectory (for example, debug/) and run make. If make complains about a missing gitrev.h, type make gitrev.h and re-run.

  4. To change a build configuration, edit config.h in the appropriate subdirectory.


  1. Obtain a programmer. We use the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad to program our sprite using Spy-Bi-Wire (SBW), but any SBW-compatible programmer should work.
  2. Disconnect the 5V, 3V, GND, SBW RST and TST jumpers from the LaunchPad.
  3. Connect the 3V, GND, SBW RST and TST jumpers on the ezFET-lite side to the target.
  4. Run make prog to program, and run make verify to read back what was programmed.


Dependencies: igrf12 (

  1. Run python3 This will collect (timestamp, latitude,longitude) data of the ISS for 9 hours at 10 second increments. This will create an output file in the current directory titled iss_loc_data_{timestamp}.csv.
  2. Run python3 -f iss_loc_data_{timestamp}.csv where timestamp corresponds to the file created in the previous step. This will create an output file in the current directory that contains magnetometer data (x,y,z), gyrometer data (x,y,z), and the expected axis and power that the PCBSat should rotate along in addition to the file's previous contents. This output file will be titled full_{timestamp}.csv. The units for the magnetometer data are Gauss and the units for the gyrometer data are radians/second.

The models for predicting power and axis are still in progress.

To run tensorboard, navigate to /simulations/python/ and execute tensorboard --logdir="tmp/model/". Make sure that you have the most recent versions of tensorflow and tensorboard installed.

Directory Structure

  • ./eagle : Contains all necessary Eagle files for the sprite board
    • ./eagle/sprite-test: Contains the version of the sprite manufacture by Bay Area Circuits as a test board. It is largely based on the sprite verison created by Zac Manchester here:
    • ./eagle/final-sprite: Contains the version of the sprite we are currently working on. Our sprite began from the attitude-sprite designed by Zac Mancherster here:
    • ./eagle/electronics: STAC Eagle library submodule. See Eagle. Please add any parts to the stac.lbr file contained there.
  • ./simulation : Contains all the simulation netlists and other data
  • ./firmware : Contains all the firmware for the sprite
  • ./gerbers : Contains the gerbers for the sprites.

Getting Started with Sprite Development Kit

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