A continuation of the goon remake of the cult classic
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Space Station 14 Build status Build Status Coverage

Space Station 14 is a revived attempt at an SS13 remake.

This repository is the engine section of SS14. This is the base engine all SS14 servers will be built on. As such, it does not start on its own: it needs the content repo. Use said repo for actual development, even if you're modifying the engine itself.

Getting in Touch

The IRC is setup to relay back and forth to the Discord server so IRC nerds will not be left out.


We have various documentation articles about various systems on the GitHub wiki.


We are happy to accept contributions from anybody. Get in Discord or IRC if you want to help. We've got a list of issues that need to be done and anybody can pick them up. Don't be afraid to ask for help either!


In practice, you usually don't build this repository directly.

If for some reason you want to anyways, we have a wiki page on it.

Legal Info

See legal.md for licenses and copyright.