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Space Station 14

Space Station 14 is a revived attempt at an SS13 remake.

This is the primary repo for Space Station 14. To prevent people forking RobustToolbox, a "content" pack is loaded by the client and server. This content pack contains everything needed to play the game on one specific server.

If you want to host or create content for SS14, this is the repo you need. Contains both RobustToolbox and the content pack for development of new content packs.

Getting in Touch

The IRC is setup to relay back and forth to the Discord server so IRC nerds will not be left out.


We have various documentation articles about various systems on both content pack and engine on HackMD wiki.


We are happy to accept contributions from anybody. Get in Discord or IRC if you want to help. We've got a list of issues that need to be done and anybody can pick them up. Don't be afraid to ask for help either!


See the relevant HackMD wiki page