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A project manager based on Neo4J graph database
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A project management library that plays on top of Neo4J graph database

Born as a reimplementation of an existing project management application, now it is developed to experiment with the Neo4J graph database and other technologies as well.

What is it?

Currently it's just a basic domain-model on top of the Neo4J database. The fundamental domain entities are three: PROJECT, TASK, RESOURCE; defined as follows:

  • PROJECT: A logical collection of tasks, not necessarly dependent on each other, but related a needed steps to reach a goal.
  • TASK: a unity of work that can't be split in smaller task. If it could be split then it should be replaced by a sub-project that contain those smaller tasks.
  • RESOURCE: its a... resource that must be provided in order to perform a task.

Project Philosphy

It was developed following the guidelines found here, and Some other techniques were implemented to eliminate redundant code (i.e. a generic method to return iteratirs like Iterator, where T is a POJO that wraps a Neo4J node).

I'm looking forward to develop a web interface with Vaadin (GWT).

I'd like t rewrite it in Scala, one day.


The software is relased under the BSD license, see LICENSE file.

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