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Arduino Source Code

The files located in the sensor_code sub-direcory can be loaded onto an Ardiuno UNO using the Arduino IDE.

The file contained in the PoorManSououz sub-directory can be used to control the the following sensors concurrently:

  • Digital Temperature Sensor (TMP 102)
  • Inertial Unit: Gyroscope/ Accelerometer (ADXL345/ITG-3200)
  • Digital Luminosity Light Sensor (TSL2561)
  • Magnetometer (MAG3110)
  • Infrared Thermometer (MLX90614)

In order for the sensors to work, the libraries contained in the RequiredLibraries subdirecotry must be added to the local Ardiuno Library folder.

Additionally, sketches for individual sensors are also included in the sensor_code sub-direcory and labeled accordingly.