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jean commented Dec 12, 2013

So far, my favourite notes app has been Catch (now abandoned). A couple of the reasons:

  • organise notes using #tags. This makes organising easy (just type #anything), and gives a bit of a wiki feel to navigating notes.
  • one-click add widget, also if db is password-protected.

Thinking about relations between notes reminded me of OrgMode. A note could correspond to an org outline item, and tags could work like org tags

I wonder if a limited OrgMode import/export would be possible.

This would open a ton of integration possibilities.

But maybe you would prefer to keep NotePad simpler.


spacecowboy commented Dec 12, 2013

What is simple is relative to the observer. Tags are easier IMO than the list design currently employed. Nothing is preventing you to use tags and the search function right now, it's just a bit cumbersome. The list design is due to the integration with Google Tasks. Basically the app's database design is just a derivative of the GTasks one.

The OrgMode thoughts are however very interesting because:

  • I want to get away from Google Tasks and,
  • I am a heavy Emacs user (but unfamiliar with OrgMode)
  • I am considering a version of the app built without Google services

I will look into OrgMode and see what the ol' brain comes up with.

jean commented Dec 12, 2013

Hey, that's awesome to hear :)
A huge advantage of OrgMode is that every last detail has been thought through and specified. And the reference format being plain text doesn't hurt either.


spacecowboy commented Jan 23, 2014

Right, now I'm completely sold on orgmode. So I'm thinking that the plaintext formatting will be valid (subset) orgmode.
Due to the differences to Google Task, some restrictions have to be made.

However, I plan to fork the project and have a version that is completely focused on orgmode for android. The existing orgmode android app has a terrible experience so I feel there is room for competition here.

jean commented Jan 24, 2014

This is bloody awesome news. At the very least I can beta test. I've tried the existing orgmode apps and yes they're unusable.


spacecowboy commented Apr 11, 2014

Had to make some compromises, see my post for details on how the files are formatted:

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