Python script to invoke builds on TeamCity
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Script for triggering personal builds on TeamCity. The program's help strings are quite complete, so just do -h

to see what sub commands you can call. For more specfic help, just do {subcommand} -h

To install easily, you can do this:

pip install git+

Some examples

These might become outdated, but should serve as inspiration.

Running the most basic linux build with default settings linux -u XXX -p YYY --branch=3.1

Run HA Robustness on a pull request har -u XXX -p YYY --branch=refs/pull/1234/head

Run linux on an IBM JDK linux -u XXX -p YYY --branch=3.1 --jdk=ibmjdk-8

Run linux on a Power8 machine (defaults to ibmjdk-8) power8 -u XXX -p YYY --branch=3.1

Only compile, don't do tests linux -u XXX -p YYY --branch=3.1 --maven-goals="clean compile"

Quick feedback Windows build, build only what's necessary to run a single specific test windows -u XXX -p YYY --branch=3.0 --maven-args="-Dtest=MuninnPageCacheWithAdversarialFileDispatcherIT -pl :neo4j-io -am"

Run with defaults, but checkout the branch from your own repo (not supported on Windows) linux -u XXX -p YYY --branch=flakytest --remote=