Coral is an open source robotic space mission, designed to perform in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) using lunar regolith as feedstock.
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uditkumarsahoo Requirements Template
A template to capture requirements for the Coral program at different levels of system abstraction.
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Coral is a space mission to design, develop, test, and ultimately demonstrate the use of lunar ISRU equipment to manufacture full-scale lunar infrastructure.

Task Columns:

New issues - Where new tasks are placed to be organized at a later time.

Icebox - Tasks that are low in priority or that may be revisited in the future.

Backlog - Tasks with high priority, ready to be worked on.

In Progress - Tasks being worked on by a team member.

Review/QA - Tasks that are completed, awaiting revision from the leads.

Closed - Tasks that have been completed, closed, canceled or deleted.