Developing a living, iteratively updated strategic plan for how all of our missions interconnect with one another.
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Space Mission Activation Process 2019

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Developing a living, iteratively updated strategic plan for how all of our missions interconnect with one another.

Call for proposals

We are inviting community participants to propose new space missions of interest so they can be considered in an upcoming voting round, where we collectively decide the top priority projects to focus our efforts. Watch this video to find out how to submit your proposal.

New projects can be proposed either as an individual and/or as self-organized teams. After ideas have been gathered, we will hold a vote and select up to three projects to activate. for each of the three categories:

Category 1 - Robotic

Near-term mission with potential for immediate commercial applications. Relatively low cost, making use of current available technology or easily achievable innovation.

Example: Explore the halo orbit around L2 where the future Deep Space Gateway would be and broadcast a signal to show both the Earth and the Moon at the same time.

Category 2 - Human Spaceflight

Mid-term mission to improve current technologies or facilities that support manned missions in space.

Example: A sample return facility on the Deep Space Gateway.

Category 3 — Expansion

Forward looking mission with innovative ideas that pave the way for human settlements outside of Earth.

Example: A city on the moon.

Proposal Development

When writting your proposal, include the following details. Remember that the community will vote on the projects, so make sure your proposal is clear and objective!

  • Project Name: Do you have a cool name for the project?
  • Project Tagline: Describe the project in one sentence.
  • Goals: What is the proposal aiming to achieve?
  • Justification: Why is this an important idea that Space Decentral is uniquely positioned to develop?

Some sample questions to answer: Who else is working on this idea? Why is Space Decentral in a special position to develop the project? Are there any world cues/data that points to this being a viable idea? Is this an idea that has been ignored by the industry and why is now the right time?

Proposal Submission Requirements

Read the complete rules for the SMAP 2019.

General Format

All proposal documentation, except when stated otherwise, shall be submitted as a PDF file on standard 8.5”x11” layout. Text shall be between 10 and 12 point standard Arial font, with 1.5 minimum spacing. Margins shall be no smaller than 0.75” left and right and no smaller than 1” top and bottom.

Required Deliverables

The proposal should be between 8 to 15 pages long, and contain the following information:

  • Abstract (1 page max)
    • Include the Mission Category and Domain(s) (see sections 3.1. and 3.2. of the rules)
  • Technical Description
  • Value Proposition (see section 3.3 of the rules)
  • References (2 pages max)
  • Proposal Team (2 pages max)
    • Contact information
    • Include biography, role and commitment levels
    • Specify whether any of the team members will be the project manager
    • Specify percentage of SDN tokens each member shall receive (see section 3.6 of the rules)

Optional Deliverable

While this is not required, a video may also be submitted,which can be helpful for participants in the Mission Activation Vote and will be the main publicity of your proposal to the greater public. The video should be up to 5 minutes maximum, and in .mov, .mp4, or .avi format. It can be a film, slideshow, animation, or similar that summarizes and explains the proposal.

How to submit a proposal

To submit a proposal, follow these steps. Here's a helpful video

  • Fork the Future Forward GitHub repository
  • In your repo, click on the proposals/ folder.
  • Inside that, either add a file for your project's proposal or create a file that includes the full proposal
  • Create a Pull Request to merge your submission into the Missions repository. In that Pull Request, be sure to fill in all of the relevant info described above.
  • Share your project in our chat to engage the community and discuss it's viability.