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A fancy documentation generator that can mash up documentation from multiple sources, such as SassDoc and JSDoc. Spacedoc was originally forked from Supercollider, the documentation tool used by the Foundation family of frameworks.



Read the overview section of the documentation to get an overview of how Spacedoc works. Then check out the full documentation.

Local Development

git clone https://github.com/spacedoc/spacedoc
cd Spacedoc
npm run bootstrap
npm test

Repo Structure

Spacedoc is a monorepo powered by Lerna. This means all of the library's core packages are maintained here in the same repository, and published as separate modules using the same version numbers.

The packages include:

  • spacedoc: core library.
  • spacedoc-helpers: template helper functions.
  • spacedoc-js: JSDoc adapter.
  • spacedoc-sass: SassDoc adapter.