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PenumbraLynx is an updated version of 8TailedLynx's Penumbra version.

Install by cloning anywhere and then pointing it to the engine on the global settings. Make sure to check out the correct tag.

To personalize your chan please read LynxChan's documentation on templates.

The favicon in the static directory is served from mongo and will need to be uploaded into MongoDB manually. To do this you need to get the mongofiles tool and run

mongofiles -h localhost -d {dbName} -p 27017 -l {/path/to/yourfavicon} put /favicon.ico

This front end currently requires you to set the URI of the overboard as "overboard".

For the javascript to work, you will have to create a file named settings.js in the static/js directory and declare the following variables in it:

  • VERBOSE: if true, it will print incoming and outcoming data from the api.
  • DISABLE_JS: if true, javascript will not be used.


var VERBOSE = false;
var DISABLE_JS = false;

Don't forget to do this.

The script can help with that, though.