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\file esp_duck/com.h
\brief Communication Module header
\author Stefan Kremser
\copyright MIT License
#pragma once
/*! \typedef com_callback
* \brief Callback function to react on different responses
typedef void (* com_callback)();
/*! \namespace com
* \brief Communication module
namespace com {
/*! Initializes the communication module */
void begin();
/*! Updates the communication module */
void update();
/*! Transmits string */
unsigned int send(char str);
unsigned int send(const char* str);
unsigned int send(const char* str, unsigned int len);
/*! Sets callback for status done */
void onDone(com_callback c);
/*! Sets callback for status error */
void onError(com_callback c);
/*! Sets callback for status repeat */
void onRepeat(com_callback c);
/*! Returns state of connection */
bool connected();
int getVersion();
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