Version 1.6

@spacehuhn spacehuhn released this Aug 8, 2017 · 19 commits to master since this release

New web interface

Other changes:

  • improved SSID clone
  • updated readme file
  • increased stealth by randomizing the mac address
  • change LED pin via web interface
  • fixed display bug when scanning for APs
  • improved web server
  • added beacon flood attack to OLED version

Different .bin files

esp8266_deauther_1mb.bin: standard WiFi Deauther (WiFi Deauther board)
esp8266_deauther_1mb_oled_sh1106.bin: 1.3" OLED version (WiFi Deauther OLED v2)
esp8266_deauther_1mb_oled_ssd1306.bin: 0.96" OLED version (WiFi Deauther OLED)
esp8266_deauther_512kb.bin: only for 512kb ESP8266 modules!

Version 1.5

@spacehuhn spacehuhn released this Jun 5, 2017 · 94 commits to master since this release


  • Updated minifier (for more see web_server)
  • Improved Buttons (better reaction time, fixed double click bug)
  • Added Display On/Off Button
  • Added Mac Change Interval
  • Added 1s Beacon Interval
  • Added Random Mode
  • Updated Beacon Clone Feature
  • Added contributors to Info page
  • Added Copyright Notice on Display at startup
  • Fixed Attack Status Bug

The display version is compiled with the new default settings in esp8266_deauther.ino.


@spacehuhn spacehuhn released this May 1, 2017 · 136 commits to master since this release

Version 1.4

  • changed webinterface design
  • improved error handling
  • can add clients manually
  • added settings reset via serial command "reset" or connecting GPIO 4 to GND
  • improved default settings for more stability
  • added usage warning at the beginning
  • added info page


@spacehuhn spacehuhn released this Apr 18, 2017 · 149 commits to master since this release

  • buttons are square now!
  • general bug fixes
  • updated readme
  • added option to use an OLED


@spacehuhn spacehuhn released this Mar 31, 2017 · 175 commits to master since this release

  • fixed JavaScript bug on iPhones
  • APScan bug is finally solved (no timeout and you can scan up to 80 networks)
  • minor changes to improve the readability of the code


@spacehuhn spacehuhn released this Mar 12, 2017 · 222 commits to master since this release

  • Added restart button
  • Added Option to use built-in LED when an attack is running
  • Allow the user to set an empty password in order to make an open AP
  • Javascript compatibility fix for old browsers
  • Added the ability to view the AP of sniffed clients
  • Added channel hopping option for deauth attack

v1.0 compiled bin files

@spacehuhn spacehuhn released this Mar 7, 2017 · 224 commits to master since this release

As this project grows and gets more attention, more and more people get troubles with the upload process so here are the compiled .bin files for an easy upload process.