Dragon Nest Skill Simulator
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dnskillsim - Dragon Nest Skill Simulator

This is a fork of dnmaze that eventually may be able to be hosted simply on github pages using data files hosted alongside dngearsim.

Still needs work. Let me know if you can help.

Not sure if it will work but the idea is that when I release new files for dngearsim this sim will also update.

In case you came here looking to use the sim here is a link: https://spacem.github.io/dnskillsim/

Credits due of course to the creators of dnmaze, dnss, yadnss and of course the dragon nest development team.

My other projects: dngearsim: https://spacem.github.io/dngearsim/

dnt viewer (for data mining): https://spacem.github.io/dntviewer