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import * as bip39 from 'bip39';
import * as pbkdf2 from 'pbkdf2';
import * as aes from 'aes-js';
test('wallet', async () => {
// Generate a 12 words mnemonic (128 bits of entropy)
const m = bip39.generateMnemonic();
console.log("Mnemonic: ", m);
// Generate 64 seed bytes (512 bits) from phrase - this is a wallet's master seed
const seed = bip39.mnemonicToSeedHex(m);
console.log("Seed (64 bytes): ", seed);
// Wallet's user provided pin (technically can be any length and include any utf-8 encoded chars)
// we'll likely to ask for at least 8 digits/chars combo
const pin = '24815214';
// Derive a 32 bytes (256 bits) AES sym enc/dec key from the user provided pin
const salt = 'Spacemesh blockmesh';
const derivedKey = pbkdf2.pbkdf2Sync(pin, salt, 1000000, 32, 'sha512');
console.log("AES sym key: " + derivedKey.toString('hex'));
// AES encrypt and decrypt wallet json data file
// Some of the wallet fields are encrypted - here we just use a string
const data = 'This is wallet data file. It stores the master random seed as well as additional accounts data - key pairs, number of txs, master seed: ' + seed;
const textBytes = aes.utils.utf8.toBytes(data);
const aesCtr = new aes.ModeOfOperation.ctr(derivedKey, new aes.Counter(5));
const encryptedBytes = aesCtr.encrypt(textBytes);
const encryptedHex = aes.utils.hex.fromBytes(encryptedBytes);
console.log('Encrypted data: ' + encryptedHex);
// Decrypt encrypted wallet file data using the same AES key
const aes1Ctr = new aes.ModeOfOperation.ctr(derivedKey, new aes.Counter(5));
const decryptedBytes = aes1Ctr.decrypt(encryptedBytes);
const decryptedText = aes.utils.utf8.fromBytes(decryptedBytes);
//console.log('Decrypted: ' + decryptedText);
//console.log('Source text: ' + data);