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import {ILayer} from "./layer"
import {IProvider} from "./provider"
import {ITransaction, TransactionResult} from "./transaction"
import {IUtils} from "./utils"
import {BigNumber} from 'bignumber.js';
export interface ISpacemeshApi {
// Returns the API version
Version(): Promise<string>;
// Returns the API Utils object
// Utils(): Promise<IUtils>;
// Sets a provider. A provider provides the spacemesh api over a connection
SetProvider(IProvider): Promise<boolean>;
// Get the current provider if one is set, nil otherwise
GetProvider(): Promise<IProvider | null>;
// Returns the provider version
GetProviderVersion(): Promise<string>;
// Gets the provider given by the contexst that can be set
GetGivenProvider(): Promise<IProvider>;
// Returns false if mesh is not yet ready for queries e.g it is still syncing
IsReady(): Promise<boolean>;
// Returns the current mesh layer info
GetLatestLayerNumber(): Promise<number>;
// Returns the latest irreverisble mesh layer number
GetLatestIrreversibleLayerNumber(): Promise<number>;
// Gets an account balance
GetBalance(account: string, layer: ILayer): Promise<BigNumber>;
// Get the transactions count for this account. e.g. account nonce
GetTransactionsCount(account: string, layer: ILayer): Promise<number>;
// send a signed transaction, returns tx hash
SendSignedTransaction(tx:ITransaction): Promise<TransactionResult>
// Gets a transaction from the blockmesh (Tx will include layer number and whether it is reversible or not)
GetTransaction(txHash: string): Promise<TransactionResult>;
// Subscribe a callback to recieve tx status changes
SubscribeToTxStatus(txHash: string, callback: (TransactionStatus) => void ) : Promise<boolean>;
UnsubscribeFromTxStatus(txHash: string): Promise<boolean>;
// Subsribe to get called back when a transaction for the user is on the mesh
SubscribeToIncomingTxs(account: string, callback: (TransactionStatus) => void ) : Promise<boolean>;
// Unbsuscribe from incoming transactions for the user
UnsubscribeFromIncomingTxs(account: string): Promise<boolean>;
// Returns SMC usd exchange rate via a data oracle
GetSmcUsdExchangeRate(): Promise<number>;