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A drop-in replacement for golang/crypto/ed25519 (godoc, github) with additional functionality compiled to WASM


In order to verify the validity of a given signature, the validator should posses the public key of the signer. It can be sent along with the message and its signature, which means that the overall data being sent includes 256 bits of the public key. Our function allows to extract the public key from the signature (and the message), thus the public key may not be sent, resulting in a smaller transferred data. Note: there's a computational cost for extracting the public key, so one should consider the trade-off between computations and data size.


npm install ""

Internal usage of package ed25519 from instead of


__generateKeyPair is JS exposure of golang func GenerateKey which returns privateKey and publicKey using provided seed.

__generateKeyPair(seed Uint8Array(32), callbackToStoreValues Function) publicKey Uint8Array(32), privateKey Uint8Array(64)


__signTransaction is JS exposure of golang func Sign2 signs the message with privateKey and returns a signature. The signature may be verified using Verify2(), if the signer's public key is known. The signature returned by this method can be used together with the message to extract the public key using ExtractPublicKey() It will return null if privateKey.length is not PrivateKeySize.

__signTransaction(privateKey Uint8Array(64), message Uint8Array, callbackToStoreValues Function) Uint8Array(64)


__verifyTransaction is JS exposure of Verify2 verifies a signature created with Sign2(), assuming the verifier possesses the public key.

func Verify2(publicKey PublicKey, message, sig []byte) bool
__verifyTransaction(publicKey Uint8Array(32), message Uint8Array, signature Uint8Array(64), callbackToStoreValue Function) boolean


First time usage - copy the go-js environment file to your working directory

cp "$(go env GOROOT)/misc/wasm/wasm_exec.js" .

Then compile go to WASM

GOOS=js GOARCH=wasm go build -o ed25519.wasm

Go version used for compilation 1.12.4


Drop in replacement for golang/crypto/ed25519 with additional functionality compiled to WASM




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