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Spacemesh Product Plan

The main problems that Spacemesh is designed to solve

  1. Cryptocurrency fair global distribution
  2. Cryptocurrency as a global means of payment
  3. Censorship from participating in a fair, global and open monetary system
  4. Distributed apps are too hard to develop and to be used by everyday people
  5. Issues involved in Proof of Work based consensus mechanisms, mining pools and ASIC mining
  6. Issues involved in Proof of Stake based consensus mechanisms


Our short-term high-level product plan is to build MVP1 and MVP2 and release testnets and a mainnet for this products according to the project roadmap.

Our long-term high-level product plan is to implement, test and roll-out additional capabilities and features to the platform in subsequent incremental releases until the full platform is released as Spacemesh 1.0 with support to all the main use cases outlined here.

Incremental product releases, starting with Spacemesh 0.1 will be deployed to testnets first for testing and to the Spacemesh Mainnet once they reach production quality status.


Spacemesh 0.1 (MVP1)

Release Highlights

The main use case case of MVP1 is to support Spacemesh Coin cryptocurrency transactions between any two parties and to award Spacemesh coins to validators who run full Spacemesh mainent nodes on their PCs. The Spacemesh full node implements the Spacemesh consensus protocol and other protocols to support this use case.

The main goal of this release is to provide an MVP of a permissionless and trustless Internet money that is secure, decentralized and scalable without using POW or PoStake mechanisms.

Visual Story


Release main software components

Use cases

Main Components

  1. go-spacemesh - The reference implementation of the Spacemesh full node in go-lang for all major PC OSes

  2. Spacemesh POET service - a public utility used in the Spacemesh proofs of space time protocol

  3. Spacemesh App - A desktop and mobile app which includes the Spacemesh Wallet and the Spacemesh Network Dashboard

  4. Spacemesh Gateway - Foundation deployed nodes providing the Spacemesh API over https-json for wallets and dashboards

  5. Spacemesh API - The common API provided by gateways and full nodes

  6. Spacemesh Tap - Enables users to get Spacemesh Coins on testnets for testing purposes

  7. Spacemesh Wallet - for desktop, web and mobile. This release supports basic Spacemesh Coins transactions, creation of Spacemesh user accounts and creation of coinbase accounts for validators

Release 0.2 (MVP2)

Release Highlights

The main goal of this release is to add smart contracts capabilities to the Spacemesh platform.

The main new feature of MVP2 is smart contracts support.

In additional to MVP1 features and improvements to these features, MVP2 enables developers to code, test, deploy and update smart contracts on the Spacemesh global computer and for users to interact with deployed smart contracts using smart contract transactions.

We'd like to build a modern wasm-based VM with Rust or Typescript as the main smart contracts supported programming languages.

Release features and components

  1. Spacemesh smart contracts dev tools to support various devs workflow

  2. Spacemesh full node, Spacemesh API and Spacemesh Gateway updates to support smart contract transactions and reading smart contracts blockmesh state

  3. Spacemesh Wallet updates to supports interacting with smart contracts - reading smart contract state and executing smart contract transactions

Use cases

Release 0.3

Release Highlights

This release enables developer to build Spacemesh Powered Apps - apps the interact with the Spacemesh global computer. Users will be able to execute app-related transactions and read apps related smart contracts state.

In addition, support for many-to-many payments and app micropayments with both Spacemesh Coins and tokens is added to the platform.

The release also includes an improved user experience for working with dapps on any platform without having to ship a browser extension for web based dapps.

Visual Story


Main new features

  1. Payment channels - user-to-user, app-to-user and user-to-app Spacemesh Coins and tokens transactions support

  2. Spacemesh SDK - an SDK for developers building Spacemesh Powered Apps

New Features

  1. Spacemesh full node, Spacemesh API and Spacemesh Gateway updates to support payment channels

  2. Spacemesh SDK - A Javascript npm library for node.js server apps and client-side web apps

  3. Spacemesh Wallet app - App update enables users to log-in to their wallet using the device's bio authentication capabilities and to sign transactions initiated by a Spacemesh Powered App and on any platform with the wallet

  4. Spacemesh Web Service - a web service that is used in the new transaction signing workflow

Use cases

  1. App publisher adds Spacemesh Coins features to its web app

  2. App publisher adds token-based functionality to its web app

  3. User uses a Spacemesh Powered Apps on any Internet enabled platform and signs transactions using his Spacemesh Wallet App

  • User provides his public wallet address to a Spacemesh Powered App
  • To preform a transaction (offchain or onchain), the app sends a transaction meta-data to a web service
  • The Spacemesh Web service pushes a notification to the user's mobile wallet
  • User receives the notification on his mobile device and taps to review it
  • Spacemesh Wallet App is opened, user signs-in to it using a bio auth method, and the app presents the transaction details
  • User reviews and authorizes the transaction
  • The Spacemesh Wallet App sends the signed transaction to the Spacemesh Web Service
  • The Spacemesh Powered App receives the signed transaction and executes it (onchain or offchain)

Release 1.0

Release Highlights

This 1.0 release extends the payment channels capabilities to generalized state channels. This enables apps to offload some or all of users app state from the Spacemesh blockmesh or from the cloud, to achieve greater scale and faster performance while not sacrificing security and users data privacy.

Release features and components

  1. Generalized state channels - offload app state from the blockmesh

  2. Spacemesh full node, Spacemesh API, Spacemesh Wallet and Spacemesh Gateway, Spacemesh SDK updates to support state channels

Use cases

  1. App publisher adds support for managing user state in their App using the Spacemesh SDK

  2. User manage their app's off-chain state directly in a Spacemesh powered app or using the Spacemesh Wallet

Discussion Items

  • Support for anon transactions

Additional resources and specifications

  • Spacemesh API
  • Spacemesh Full Node
  • Spacemesh Wallet
  • Spacemesh App
  • Spacemesh POET
  • Spacemesh SDK - A Javascript npm library to integrate Spacemesh into any app. Uses the Spacemesh Gateway as API provider.
  • Spacemesh Gateway - a public https-json web service providing the Spacemesh API to any client that can speak https-json
  • Spacemesh API Provider - A software component providing the Spacemesh API over a well defined endpoint.
  • Spacemesh powered apps - An apps that allows users to use Spacemesh functionality and to sign Spacemesh transactions.

Testnets & Mainnet

  • All releases be deployed to testnets for testing, bug fixing and audits purposes before going live on the Spacemesh mainent
  • Once we are satisfied with the level of security and robustness of a release, we will release it to mainent.