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Spacemesh 0.1 Terminology

Term Long-form DON’T USE Definition
Smesher Mesher, full node, full p2p node, miner A full node which also smeshes (produces blocks / mines)
Smeshing Mining, validating, block producing Submitting blocks w txs to the network according to the sm protocol. Performed by the Smesher.
Spacemesh 0.1 The testnet, testnet The first release of the Spacemesh testnet and app implementing the Spacemesh protocol
Smesh (SMH) Plural is Smesh Spacemesh Coins, Spacemesh token, Smesh Coin, Smeshes Coins, smehses The sm native cryptocurrency name
Smidge Plural is Smidge Smetoshis, shmkl coins, shemekels, shmkl, shmkls, shmekels The basic accounting unit. 10^12 Smidge are 1 Smesh coin.
Smeshing Setup PosT generation, PostT init, PoST creation The one-time process of committing free disk space to Spacemesh. Performed by the node. We must have a name for it
Smeshing Rewards Awards Smeshes users get as a reward for Smeshing.
Rewards Account Coinbase account The account that is set to get smeshing rewards.
Wallet Smesh Wallet Client, light client, account Manage accounts for the user and provides security. Has one or more accounts.
Account Smesh Account Address, Wallet Nameable coin account in a wallet, has a coin balance and a public address. Has cryptographic key pair.
Address Account’s address Account. Public Key. Wallet An account’s public identifier. Derived from the account’s public key.
App The Spacemesh App Smesher, node, client The Spacemesh desktop app. Includes Wallet and Smesher.
Spacemesh Protocol The Spacemesh protocol 1.0 Spacemesh protocols The protocol implemented for the sm 0.1 testnet release
Local Mesh Local testnet A local dev-focused testnet - running on a single machine from code.
Mesher Full node, full p2p node, miner, node The software package which implements the Spacemesh protocol. Currently implemented by go-spacemesh. Doesn’t smesh. Not used in 0.1
Meshing Joining the mesh - by running a mesher.