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Coin Transfer Transaction States

This spec is deprecated by the transaction status and results as specified here:


This document details the possible states of coin transfer transactions for the open testnet timeframe.


WIP / Early Draft

Status codes - Summary Table

status_code State Label and Color User-facing Explanation User-facing recommended next step... Technical Explanation Possible next state State Metadata
0 Rejected Transaction was rejected and can't be further processed. Create a new transaction with same dest address and amount. Submmited TX was rejected by the full node due failed validation. It will not be broadcasted to the network. n/a Maybe validation error string?
1 Insufficient Balance Insufficient account balance to execute this transaction. Add funds to your account and send a new tx to dest address w same amount. Once funds are available, tx may continue processing and move to any other state. ANY n/a
2 Conflicting Another transaction with the same counter is pending. Wait for change of status for one of these txs ? One of the transactions may be processed. Pending, Processing, Confirmed Conflicting tx id
3 Pending Waiting for transactions to be added to the mesh. Wait until tx is processing. Submitted to mempool and was not rejected - not in block yet (e.g. was in block, but was not applicable) Processing n/a
4 Processing Transaction is processing and pending approval. Wait until processing is done for futher status In at least one block in layer X that was not excluded from hare results (hare didn't complete for layer X yet) Confirmed, Pending, Insufficient Balance Layer # and ID ?
5 Confirmed Transaction is confirmed and will be finalized with high probability. Wait until confirmed. TX is in at least one block that was included in hare results Confirmed, Insufficient Balance Layer # and ID ?
6 Finalized Transaction is confirmed and finalized. n/a Played into global state (if conflicting transactions exists - this one was selected) n/a Layer # and ID ?