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Coin Transfer Transactions States


This document details the possible states of coin transfer transactions for the open testnet timeframe.


WIP / Earlty Draft

Status codes - Summary Table

code Label Label Color Status Text Metadata Finality Notes
0 Rejected Red Transaction is rejected and can't be further processed. N/A Final. This is to notify users that a tx they attempted to submit from the wallet was rejected by the full node for any reason - failed validation before broadcast....
1 Insufficient Funds Red Insufficient account balance to execute this transaction. N/A Not final. Any other next state is possible. Once funds are available, tx may continue processing and move to any state
2 Conflicting Orange Another transaction with the same counter is pending. Conflicting TX ID Not final. Possible next states: Pending, Processing, Approved
3 Pending Lighter Green Waiting for transactions to be added to the mesh... N/A Not final. Next possible states: Processing Submitted to mempool and was not rejected - not in block yet (e.g. was in block, but was not applicable)
4 Processing Light Green Transaction is processing but not approved yet. Layer # (and ID ?) Not final. Next possible state: Approved, Pending, Insufficient Balance TX is in at least one block in layer X that was not excluded from hare results (hare didn't complete for layer X yet)
5 Approved Green Transaction is approved and will be confirmed with high probability. Layer # (and ID ?) Not final. Next possible states: Confirmed, Insufficient Balance TX is in at least one block that was included in HARE results
6 Confirmed Deep Green Transaction is confirmed. N/A Final. Played into global state (if conflicting transactions exist - this one was selected)
7 Reserved
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