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Spacemesh App (Full Node + Wallet) 🏦📊
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Smapp - the Spacemesh App 🏦📊

Full Node UI + Wallet

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MVP1 Milestone




  • Has a user re-nameable friendly name
  • Includes one main address by default
  • Password protected, can be backed up and restored by users from backup
  • Has a distinct encrypted data file in local app store
  • User can add additional addresses
  • Each user has one wallet by default when setting up the app but advanced users may create additional wallets
  • Managed by the Spacemesh App but advanced users may use a CLI wallet that should support same data file and security features


  • A public user identifier
  • Used for all transactions
  • Has a default re-nameable friendly display name
  • Has an immutable public EC key and user has a matching private EC key for his public addresses
  • Always part of a specific wallet. Has a unique shareable QR code.

Full Node

  • A spacemesh full p2p node running the Spacemesh blockmesh protocol. Working title for lack of a better agreed name by the team.
  • Coinbase Address
  • The user configured address for receiving validations awards in a full node Validator
  • The main full node role. Validators are responsible for both creating blocks and agreeing on blocks. Validators are spacemesh miners
  • Dashboard
  • The app section where users manage a locally running full node

Spacemesh Coin

  • Working title until we defined the final coin name for the testnet timeframe
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