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Smapp Release 0.0.13

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@avive avive released this 08 Jun 10:59
· 1972 commits to develop since this release


Release Notes

  • Release for TweedleDee testnet id 116.
  • Fixed rewards timestamp display issue - #517
  • Fixed double transactions display in “All Transactions” screen and “Latest Transactions” component #444
  • Separate mesh data on disk based on net-id to prevent data from previous networks to accidentally pollute new networks.
  • P2p connectivity issue fix. Stop infinitely looking for new peers when the entire network is already known to the node.
  • Embed network chain-spec in app resources and don't try to download it from the Internet on app startup.
  • Use chainspec json instead toml (#503).
  • Visual design review fixes (#508 and #513).
  • Change wallet persistent data (#512).
  • Misc. fixes (#514).
  • State transition is now based on Hare results - transactions confirmation time in 1.5-10 minutes in most cases.
  • More efficient P2P module startup and a more efficient address book locking.
  • Faster node shutdown.
  • Private keys of testnet tap accounts are now... private.
  • Use full node v0.1.12.
  • Use OS dialog box for quit / background confirmation.

Updating from an Earlier Release

We recommend that you'll delete your locally saved Testnet data before updating to this release. This should clear up some space on your hard drive.


  • Quit Spacemesh App.
  • Go to add/remove programs and remove Spacemesh.
  • Install the new App and run it.


  1. Quit the app.
  2. Delete your local Spacemesh data folder. It is located in: /Users/[your_user_name[/Library/Application Support/Spacemesh
  3. Install the new App and run it.


  1. Quit the app.
  2. Delete your local Spacemesh data folder. e.g. ~/.config/Spacemesh.
  3. Install the new app and run it.