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@brusherru brusherru released this 01 Dec 13:35
· 1600 commits to develop since this release


New Features

  • Support for wallet-only mode - use Smapp without running a local node using the Spacemesh public API - #742 #781
  • Setup Smeshing using a supported GPU to create PoST data wizard #810
  • Support receiving and sending transactions, receiving rewards, displaying them in UI, with timely updating account balance using the new Spacemesh API #825
  • Support contacts: map addresses in the transaction log to the contact nickname, if it exists #825
  • Store personal transaction notes in the persistent local store #825
  • Display app version on every screen for bug reporting purposes #747
  • New main screens: smeshing, network and dashboard.
  • Display network status traffic light in main menu.
  • Select which live devnet/testnet to connect to when creating a new wallet (temp ui for now).

New Network Screen

  • Display local node sync status, friendly network name and error messages
  • Display link to node log file #762
  • Display Node errors and enable users to restart the node #764 #783
  • Display network connection type - local managed node or remote node via public Spacemesh api.

New Smeshing Screen

  • Display current proof of space setup and smehsing status.
  • Enable user to resize proof of space data size at any time.
  • Enable user to stop smeshing at any time.

New Dashboard screen

  • Display the dashboard for the network you are connected to.
  • Click on data in the dashboard to open explorer for your network in your web browser.

Misc Features

  • Improve modal error dialog box and properly catch renderer errors #796
  • Get rid of Mega, Giga prefixes in SMH and Smidge units #805
  • Sign the Windows installer with and Extended validation code signature #790
  • Allow user to 1-click switch between Smidge and SMH units when entering a new transaction.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix link to account page in explorer #761
  • Green bulb in main menu displays correct synchronization status #767
  • Fix shutting down modal dialog box #801
  • Fix missing macOS icon #803
  • Misc UI bug fixes (#782 #789 #800)

Developer Experience Improvements

  • React & redux dev tools installed properly (#745 #746)
  • Support providing custom devnet config (#786)
  • Improve Github Actions workflows (#787)
  • Provide types for GRPC Services (#809)


Note that the macOS installer is not notarized, so after installation, locate 'Spacemesh' in your apps folder, right-click it and select 'Open' from the menu to launch it.

Known issues