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Release v0.2.4

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@github-actions github-actions released this 01 May 10:51
· 1427 commits to develop since this release

Compiled Binaries

Bundled go-spacemesh v0.2.14-beta.0

What's Changed


  • Support multiple wallets by @brusherru in #887
    Now it is possible to create more than one wallet file at a time, store and open them from a custom directory (without copying), switch between wallets from the Settings page, and choose the wallet file on the unlock wallet screen.
  • Support custom location of node-data directory by @brusherru in #894
    In case the main disk has low space — the Smesher can change the node data directory location to another one via the Settings screen, under the Advanced section.
  • Add Sentry integration for releases by @maparr in #893, @brusherru in #896
  • Change the wording and choose the fastest PoS provider by default by @brusherru in #891
  • Reword some phrases on the Settings screen by @brusherru in #902


  • Fix unlocking wallet by switching from a non-existent network by @brusherru in #886
  • Resolve white screen on reload or after enabling background mode by @maparr in #900


  • Use createSlice for network reducer by @vshakun in #892
  • Tweak eslint and prettier rules and reformat the code by @brusherru in #901

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.2.3...v0.2.4