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SVM - Spacemesh Virtual Machine

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Project Goals

  • Self-contained. Should be hosted by the Spacemesh Golang full-node and future Spacemesh Rust full-node
  • Built on top of wasmer
  • Future compatible for the SMESH programming-language (the language is still in a research stage).


SVM depends on the single-pass compiler of wasmer which requires the rust nightly release channel. More information about installing rust nightly can be found here

Build & Tests

The SVM project is organized into a couple of crates. The root crate is called SVM and it's a workspace crate.

In order to build the SVM project crates at once and run their tests:

cargo build
cargo test

If you want to build & test in release mode execute:

cargo build --release --no-default-features
cargo test --all --release --no-default-features


In order to build the Docker image

docker build -t svm-build .

Then, for spawning a new container

docker run -it svm-build

Supported Operating-Systems

  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Windows

Got Questions?