Simple password manager built on top of Go, React, and Electron
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Coffer is very much in development - and should not be used to store import information

Coffer is a light weight password manager built with Go, React, and Electron.

Install (TBC)

To install Coffer you can download the pre-compiled binary from the 'releases' section of GitHub, just select the version for your OS and architecture and download Coffer.


We actively welcome PRs and love to see the community contributing to Coffer. If you want to open a PR for a feature, or just want to hack on it, follow the intstructions below.

Install dependencies

  • Install GB, the vendoring Go vendoring tool bash go get
  • Install Electron + electron-packager globally for your OS bash npm install -g electron electron-packager

Setting up coffer

  • Clone the repo, git clone
  • cd into the directory, install dependencies, bash cd coffer && npm install
  • Build the repo, make build
  • Run the backend ./bin/service
  • Run the front end, npm run app

Note: There is a unison build system coming soon, hopefully there will be a single binary you can run.

Data retention

Coffer stores all passwords within a local file (~/.coffer/store.bolt by default.) All writes to the disk are encrypted with AES-256.



  • Rewrite endpoints in gorilla/websocket
  • Rewrite backend into neat unison API to be used.
  • Encrypt disk transaction
  • Add SSL support to the WS connection
  • [-] Write tests


  • Write up HTML structure
  • Write React components
  • Implement WebSockets
  • Automatically hide passwords, show on click/hover
  • Implement some store to hold the WS connection


  • Create build + packing system
  • Add bower dependency management system