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A MetaMask-compatible Chrome extension to enable Ledger Wallets to use Ethereum Dapps
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SpaceSuit is a Chrome extension that enables Ledger hardware wallet users to use their hardware wallets with dapps (such as CryptoKitties, ForkDelta or Aethia - find more at State Of The Dapps). We aim for bug-for-bug compatibility with MetaMask, so if a Dapp works with MetaMask but not SpaceSuit, that is a bug in SpaceSuit.

Staying Safe Online

The world of cryptocurrencies is full of people trying to rob you, cheat you, scam you, and rip you off. The SpaceSuit project does not have your money, and can't help you get it back if you lose it, so staying safe is your responsibility. Here are some tips to help you stay safe:

  • DO NOT CLICK THROUGH CERTIFICATE WARNINGS. If your browser warns you that the certificate for a page isn't valid, do not use it under any circumstances.
  • Install the EtherAddressLookup Chrome extension. It can identify and block the most notorious cryptocurrency scams.
  • The first time you use a dapp, get the URL from an autoritative source, such as the project's official Twitter or GitHub page. Don't trust links from your search engine, especially sponsored links. Then bookmark it, and only  ever access the dapp via the bookmark.
  • Do not push the button to confirm a transaction on your Ledger wallet unless you have checked that the transaction is the one you intended to make. If possible, confirm the recipient's address via another channel, such as the project's official Twitter account or GitHub page.
  • Signing messages can be just as dangerous as signing a transaction. Be just as vigilant about requests to sign messages.
  • Unless there is a green padlock in the top left of your browser, do not use that site.
  • Never give out your recovery seed, or any other private key, to anyone. If they say they need it, they are lying.
  • Install an ad-blocker such as uBlock Origin. Malicious ads can attempt to steal from you.
  • Unplug your Ledger device when you're not using it.
  • If you've got multiple tabs open, and a request to sign a transaction appears on your Ledger device, it could have come from any of the tabs. If any of the tabs are suspect, close them before making a transaction.
  • If your ledger device is plugged in when you're in private browsing mode, then it can be used to track you between private and non-private browsing, and indeed across computers.
  • If you bought your Ledger from anywhere other than the official store (affiliate link), upgrade to the latest firmware, then reset it to generate a new seed. If it came with a seed, don't use it - you will lose your money.
  • If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Using SpaceSuit

Get SpaceSuit from the Chrome Store

If you don't already have one, get a Ledger hardware wallet (affiliate link).

Before using SpaceSuit, make sure your Ledger device (Nano S and Blue should both work) is plugged in, has the Ethereum app open, and has both Browser Support and Contract Data enabled in the app settings.

Go to the page of the dapp you want to use. If the dapp has a HTTP and a HTTPS version, make sure and use the HTTPS version - it's not possible to use SpaceSuit with HTTP sites.

When you use a dapp, if your Ledger device is connected correctly, it should know the addresses of the first 10 accounts on your device. Whenever the dapp wants to send a transaction, or sign a message, you will get a prompt on the screen of your Ledger device. There will be no prompt on your computer screen, so it is vitally important that you check that the details on the screen match the transaction you want to send.


You can configure SpaceSuit by clicking the icon in you address bar, and choosing Options. You can choose between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, and there are multiple servers to choose for each (the recommended server is usually the one we've found to be most reliable).

There are also configs for the standard testnets (we don't yet have a configuration for Morden, because we haven't found a reliable public RPC server, but please let us know if you know of one), and you can choose a custom RPC server, such as a Parity or Geth node you are running locally, a Ganache instance, or a QuikNode (affiliate link).

You may notice the "Use Hacks" option. SpaceSuit has a goal of bug-for-bug compatibility with MetaMask. In some cases, to achieve this, we've had to reimplement known bugs, deprecated features, and implementation details of MetaMask, to work around buggy dapps that are in the wild. If you'd prefer not to do this (or if you're writing a dapp, and want to find any compatbility bugs), you can turn this setting off.

Finally, the "Debug" option will print all messages between Dapps and SpaceSuit to the developer console. If you are raising a bug, it will be very useful if you turn this setting on, and include the output on the developer console with your bug report.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my balance and transfer Ether and Tokens?

We recommend MyCrypto or MyEtherWallet for this. They both already support Ledger directly, but if you'd prefer to use SpaceSuit, choose the option to send with "MetaMask/Mist" (in the current version), or with Web3 (in the latest MyCrypto Beta).

Is this something to do with MetaMask?

This project is not endorsed by MetaMask in any way. It re-uses a lot of MetaMask code (don't worry, the MetaMask team allow this - both MetaMask and SpaceSuit are free and open source), but is not endorsed by them. However, we endorse MetaMask - their code is excellent, and we recommend it to anyone who does not need hardware wallet support.

We started writing this project after trying, and failing, to add Ledger support to MetaMask. This was not MetaMask's fault. Due to some very surprising security decisions in Chrome, it will be a complex task to add Ledger support to MetaMask without damaging their security. In the short term, it proved quicker to write a standalone extension for hardware wallet support. Longer term, we'll help out with adding hardware wallet support to MetaMask in any way we can.

Can I use SpaceSuit and MetaMask at the same time?

No. You can have both installed at once, but only one can be enabled at once, since there is currently no standardised way to have a choice of multiple blockchain providers.

Are there any known compatibility issues?

A small number of dapps that work with MetaMask do not work with SpaceSuit:

  • Any dapps that don't use SSL can't be supported.
  • Due to a race condition in Dai Dashboard, that we've only partially been able to work around, balances will show as "Loading..." the first time you visit the page. If you press F5 once it has loaded, you should see your balances and everything should work normally.
  • SpaceSuit uses a slightly different method to MetaMask to inject its code into web pages. We don't know of any dapps that are affected, but in theory, dapps with strict content security policies could refuse to allow SpaceSuit.
  • Ledger devices don't support signing arbitrary data, or signing typed data,  so dapps that depend on these (deprecated and experimental, respectively) features, can't be made to work with SpaceSuit.

Can I play Ether Shrimp Farmer?

Unfortunately yes, you can, as of version 0.2.0. Ether Shrimp Farmer is a buggy mess, and if you want to play it, you'll need to ignore at least one of the "Staying Safe Online" tips above, so you've got to ask yourself just how badly you want those Shrimp. But if you're sure you want to play it, use the HTTPS version (affiliate link). But be aware that they don't currently have a valid SSL certificate, and if you ignore the certificate issues, this opens you up to being hacked. The most important thing you can do to avoid being hacked is to check that any transactions you make are going to the correct address, which is 0x58AFF91f5b48245Bd83deeB2C7d31875f68b3f0D.

Do you offer a bug bounty?

Much as I'd love to, I don't have any money to pay for one. If users are willing to donate to set one up, I'm happy to do so.

I miss the Contracts tab of Parity Wallet. Is there anything similar?

I recommend using Truffle - truffle console is a great replacement. Here's a snippet adapted from my truffle.js:

module.exports = {
  networks: {
    ledger: {
      provider: function () {
        let createLedgerSubprovider = require("@ledgerhq/web3-subprovider").default
        let TransportHID = require("@ledgerhq/hw-transport-node-hid").default
        let ProviderEngine = require("web3-provider-engine")
        let FetchSubprovider = require("web3-provider-engine/subproviders/fetch")
        let NonceTrackerSubprovider = require("web3-provider-engine/subproviders/nonce-tracker")
        let engine = new ProviderEngine();
        let getTransport = () => {return TransportHID.create()}
        let ledger = createLedgerSubprovider(getTransport, {accountsLength: 10})
        engine.addProvider(new NonceTrackerSubprovider())
        engine.addProvider(new FetchSubprovider({rpcUrl: 'http://localhost:8545'}))
        return engine
      network_id: '1',
      gasPrice: 2000000000,
      from: '0x1234567890123456789012345678901234567890'

How do I access other accounts on my Ledger? I can only get to the first one!

Ledger exposes your first 10 Ethereum addresses to dApps, and theoretically dApps could use any of them to send transactions. In practice, most dApps are built based on Metamask, and only pay attention to the first address in the list.

Due to some technical challenges stemming from Chrome's security model, SpaceSuit can't show you a list of your addresses and let you pick one to be the first address. There is, however, a workaround that lets you change which address is listed first.

In the SpaceSuit settings, Open the Network dropdown and pick Custom.

In RPC URL, put:

In "Derivation Path", put: m/44'/60'/0'/N replacing "N" with the index of the Ethereum address you want to use. The first address is N=0, and you can access other addresses on your Ledger by increasing N.


You can install most of the dependencies with yarn install, but we currently depend on a modified version of ledgerjs. Clone into a sibling drectory, and build it (with yarn install && yarn run build) before running yarn install.

You can build an unpacked extension (for development) with yarn run build, and build a release build with yarn run dist.

We have relatively few unit tests (which you can run with yarn test), and rely more on integration tests. To run our integration tests:

cd integration-test
node server.js

Then configure SpaceSuit to use http://localhost:1969 as its RPC server, and navigate to https://localhost:4443.


Donations welcome:

  • 0x758E53a86224F6511DBcabd9A364E21B4689653F (ETH)
  • 0xB276316Be42bb7030ff9483ef93Bc349A37132af (ETC)

You may also want to donate to the following projects, that we rely on:

  • 0xC48E23C5F6e1eA0BaEf6530734edC3968f79Af2e (ETH)
  • 0xDECAF9CD2367cdbb726E904cD6397eDFcAe6068D (ETH)
  • 0x4bbeEB066eD09B7AEd07bF39EEe0460DFa261520 (ETH)

We couldn't find a donation address for MetaMask, but we'll add one if we get a pull request from one of the core team members (yes, we know who they are, so don't bother chancing it if you're not one of them).

Privacy Policy

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