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HSTCAL uses the WAF build system. A precompiled copy of WAF has been included at the top-level of this project for your convenience.

Supported Platforms

  • Linux >=RHEL6
  • OS X >=10.5


GCC may be supplemented by Clang under the following conditions:

  • Clang must be compiled with OpenMP support
  • A Fortran compiler must be available in $PATH



  • Must be compiled as a shared library.

  • If libcfitsio has been installed to a non-standard path such as $HOME/programs/cfitsio, you will need to adjust PKG_CONFIG_PATH so that pkg-config is able to find it:

    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$HOME/programs/cfitsio/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH
  • If pkg-config is not installed, define the path to CFITSIO manually via the --with-cfitsio argument:

    ./waf configure --with-cfitsio=$HOME/programs/cfitsio

MacOS / OS X

The LLVM/Clang suite provided by Apple XCode is not sufficient to compile HSTCAL. Please install GCC (C and Fortran compilers) either from source, or using a package management system such as Homebrew, MacPorts, Fink, or Conda.

Compiling HSTCAL

For a complete listing of useful configuration and build options, run ./waf --help

  1. Configure

    ./waf configure --prefix=$HOME/hstcal
  2. Build

    ./waf build
  3. Test [OPTIONAL]

    ./waf test
  4. Install [OPTIONAL]

    ./waf install
  5. Add HSTCAL to $PATH

    export PATH=$HOME/hstcal/bin:$PATH

Build Targets

To install individual parts of HSTCAL, use the --targets option. For example, to install the acs and lib targets, do the following:

./waf install --targets=acs,lib

To list available build targets:

./waf configure list

Some common targets include:

Target Description
acs calacs
wf3 calwf3 and other WFC3-related tools
stis calstis
lib static libraries and header files for the included libraries
test self-test executables


To enable support for debugging symbols run, ./waf configure --debug

build.cfg file

Shell arguments normally passed to ./waf configure may be issued via build.cfg. This configuration file may contain any arguments accepted by ./waf configure. An example is given in the build.cfg.example file.

Notes for developers

Using headers

C has two forms of #include syntax, #include "foo.h" (i.e. include/foo.h) for local include files, and #include <foo.h> (i.e. /usr/include/foo.h) for system include files. WAF does not track changes to system include files, so the first syntax should be used whenever including files within the project.