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This code can be used to generate simulated NIRCam, NIRISS, or FGS data
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MIRaGe = Multi Instrument Ramp Generator

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This repository contains code that can be used to generate simulated NIRCam, NIRISS, or FGS data. These data can be in one of two formats:

raw - No calibrations applied. Detector level effects such as non-linearity, superbias, etc are still present.

linearized - Detector level effects have been removed, and data have been linearized, but are still in ramp format, where multiple non-destructive reads of the detector are present.

Installation and Documentation

The main documentation for Mirage is located on ReadTheDocs.

Please find detailed installation instructions on our ReadTheDocs page.


See the notebooks in the examples subdirectory. There are notebooks for imaging simulations, WFSS simulations, moving target (non-sidereal) simulations, and simulations of OTE commissioning.


If you find this package useful, please consider citing the Zenodo record using the DOI badge above. Please find additional citation instructions in CITATION.


Prior to contributing to the mirage development, please review our style guide.

The following is a bare bones example of a best work flow for contributing to the project:

  1. Create a fork off of the spacetelescope mirage repository.
  2. Make a local clone of your fork.
  3. Ensure your personal fork is pointing upstream properly.
  4. Create a branch on that personal fork.
  5. Make your software changes.
  6. Push that branch to your personal GitHub repository (i.e. origin).
  7. On the spacetelescope mirage repository, create a pull request that merges the branch into spacetelescope:master.
  8. Assign a reviewer from the team for the pull request.
  9. Iterate with the reviewer over any needed changes until the reviewer accepts and merges your branch.
  10. Delete your local copy of your branch.

Code of Conduct

Users and contributors to the mirage repository should adhere to the Code of Conduct. Any issues or violations pertaining to the Code of Conduct should be brought to the attention of a mirage team member or to


For any questions about the mirage project or its software or documentation, please open an Issue.

Current Development Team


Mirage is based on a NIRISS data simulator originally written by Kevin Volk.

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