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Use this function to facilitate batch runs or for the TEAL interface.

The wf32d primary functions include:
  • DARKCORR: dark current subtraction
  • FLATCORR: flat-fielding
  • PHOTCORR: photometric keyword calculations
  • FLUXCORR: photometric normalization of the UVIS1 and UVIS2 chips

Only those steps with a switch value of PERFORM in the input files will be executed, after which the switch will be set to COMPLETE in the corresponding output files.


In Python without TEAL:

from wfc3tools import wf32d

In Python with TEAL:

from import teal
from wfc3tools import wf32d

In Pyraf:

import wfc3tools
epar wf32d


input: str

Name of input files

  • a single filename (iaa012wdq_raw.fits)
  • a Python list of filenames
  • a partial filename with wildcards (\*raw.fits)
  • filename of an ASN table (\*asn.fits)
  • an at-file (@input)
output: str
Name of the output FITS file.
dqicorr: str, "PERFORM/OMIT", optional
Update the dq array from bad pixel table
darkcorr: str, "PERFORM/OMIT", optional
Subtract the dark image
flatcorr: str, "PERFORM/OMIT", optional
Multiply by the flatfield image
shadcorr: str, "PERFORM/OMIT", optional
Correct for shutter shading (CCD)
photcorr: str, "PERFORM/OMIT", optional
Update photometry keywords in the header
fluxcorr; str, "PERFORM/OMIT", optional
Perform chip photometry normalization
verbose: bool, optional
Print verbose time stamps?
quiet: bool, optional
Print messages only to trailer file?

Command Line Options for the wf32d executable

wf32d.e input output [-options]

input may be a single filename

Where the options include:

  • -v: verbose
  • -f: print time stamps
  • -d: debug
  • -dark: perform dark subtraction
  • -dqi: update the DQ array
  • -flat: perform flat correction
  • -shad: perform shading correction
  • -phot: perform phot correction