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Added a list of Spacewalk's capabilities to README

Aside from stating that Spacewalk is a 'systems management solution' the current readme does little to inform potential users of what Spacewalk is and what it is capable of. The bullet points were taken from
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voxadam authored and tkasparek committed Sep 5, 2018
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@@ -8,8 +8,20 @@ Spacewalk
Spacewalk is an open source Linux systems management solution.
It is the upstream community project from which the [Red Hat
Satellite][RedHatSatellite] and [SUSE Manager][SUSEManager] products
are derived.
Satellite 5][RedHatSatellite] and [SUSE Manager][SUSEManager] products
are derived.
Spacewalk's capabilities include:
* Inventory your systems (hardware and software information)
* Install and update software on your systems
* Collect and distribute your custom software packages into manageable groups
* Provision (kickstart) your systems
* Manage and deploy configuration files to your systems
* Provision virtual guests
* Start/stop/configure virtual guests
* Distribute content across multiple geographical sites in an efficient manner
For information on how to work with our source repository, please visit [the wiki download page][DownloadIt].

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