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Unbreakable Linux Network integration for Spacewalk

This package contains the ULN plugin for the existing spacewalk-repo-sync
utility. The plugin allows you to synchronize ULN channels directly into Spacewalk
channels without requiring the Spacewalk server to be registered to ULN.

Configuration of the plugin

The plugin only requires very basic configuration via the /etc/rhn/spacewalk-repo-sync/uln.conf file.

username = <ULN SSO username>
password = <ULN SSO password>

As this file contains login credentials for the Unbreakable Linux Network, we strongly recommend ensuring
read-only access to the user that will run spacewalk-repo-sync by setting file permissions to 0400.

The plugin can also use any proxy configured via /etc/rhn/rhn.conf or the Spacewalk web interface.

Configuration of Spacewalk

The plugin extends the functionality of spacewalk-repo-sync by allowing it to download packages and errata
directly from ULN into an existing Spacewalk Software Channel. The configuration procedure is:

1. Create a Spacewalk Software Channel and ULN-based Repository (using the uln:/// style URL)
2. Run spacewalk-repo-sync to sync packages and errata (if available) from ULN into that channel.

Web Interface Configuration

Configuration of ULN repositories within the Spacewalk web interface is identical to configuring
standard yum repositories, except the URL is specially formatted to point directly to ULN.

When configuring a ULN-based repository, use a URL in the format: uln:///<ULN channel label>.

For example, the Oracle Linux 6 (x86_64) Latest channel on ULN has the label "ol6_x86_64_latest", so the
URL would be uln:///ol6_x86_64_latest in Spacewalk.

You can get a list of available ULN channel labels from the ULN web interface.

Command-Line Usage instructions

This example assumes you have created a Software Channel in Spacewalk with the Channel Label
of oraclelinux6_x86_64_latest and you want to sync the packages and errata from the ULN channel with the
label of ol6_x86_64_latest into this Software Channel.

You will need to know the channel label of the Spacewalk Software Channel as well as the channel label of the
upstream ULN channel you want to synchronize from.

The format of the spacewalk-repo-sync command is:

# spacewalk-repo-sync --type uln --channel=<spacewalk channel label> --url=uln:///<ULN channel label>

For example, to sync the Oracle Linux 6 (x86_64) Latest channel from ULN, you would run:

# spacewalk-repo-sync --type uln --channel=oraclelinux6_x86_64_latest --url=uln:///ol6_x86_64_latest

The command-line parameters are:

    The label of the Spacewalk channel to sync packages to

-u URL, --url=URL
    The url to sync. ULN channels are specified as uln:///<channel_label>. Note there are three / characters in the URL.

     The type of repo. To use direct ULN integration, set this to "uln".

It is recommended that a cronjob be manually configured to run this script at least once a day
to keep the Spacewalk channels up-to-date with ULN either by running the script via cron or scheduling
a repository sync via the Spacewalk Taskomatic engine.