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README - Spacewalk Installation


Before beginning installation, make sure you have met the hardware, software,
and database requirements necessary for Satellite installation as outlined
in the Red Hat Satellite Installation Guide:



There are two methods of installing Satellite.

1) You may run the 'install.pl' script, which will prompt you for answers to
several questions necessary for configuring Satellite. You can do this by simply
typing (as root):


If this is your first time installing a Satellite, you may want to try this
method first.

2) You may also run the 'install.pl' script with an answer file, which
will automatically answer any questions the Satellite installer will
prompt you with.  First, you will want to take a look the template
answer file, found at install/answers.txt. In it, you can indicate the
answers to all of the questions the installer needs. Each answer is
explained in the comments of the answer file. Once you have completed
the answer file to your satisfaction, and saved the file somewhere,
you can run the installer like so:

   ./install.pl --answer-file=<filename>

Where <filename> is the location of the answerfile, for example,

This installation method is useful if you would like to install multiple
Satellites with the same configuration, or would like to automate Satellite
installation.  If you do not provide answers to all of the required questions,
the installer will prompt you for the answers.


Run ./install.pl --help for a list of options.


Should you run into an error during installation, you may want to check the
installation logs. The installer stores information about installation in the
following log files:




Full Satellite documentation in PDF and HTML formats is provided at:


Of particular interest would be the Installation Guide.

Customer Service

If you would like to file a ticket with Red Hat Customer Service for help
with Satellite installation, please visit:


You will need to log in with the redhat.com account associated with the purchase
of Satellite. Once logged in, you'll be presented with your support options.