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Coding Conventions

In general we try to follow the defined coding conventions, but there are probably cases where we didn't.

Java coding style

Python coding style

Schema conventions

If you change database schema (schema/spacewalk/), make sure you put correct upgrade script into schema/spacewalk/upgrade/spacewalk-schema-<version1>-to-spacewalk-schema-<version2>/. Use some digits at the start of the filename to force deterministic ordering of these upgrade scripts. Make the name descriptive a bit, put name of the database object you change there and maybe also some reason (column name, not-null, whatever). The suffix has to be .sql.

NOTE: Look at schema/spacewalk/upgrade/spacewalk-schema-2.6-to-spacewalk-schema-2.7/ if you need inspiration, or ask.

The schema upgrade scripts do not need to include a commit statement since the spacewalk-schema-upgrade script adds commits there automatically.