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Please add yourself here if you run a local version of the Spacewalk. Please also describe what you are you using it for:

Anonymous Organization

~90 SLES & CENTOS systems Managing patches, monitoring CPU and disk usage, and configuration changes.

Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS)

35 systems under management. System and virtual system management and update, post-build configuration, monitoring and asset inventory (via custom info)

Anonymous Organization

Approx. 40 Oracle Enterprise Linux boxes and 10 CentOS, managed updates and configurations.

Anonymous Organization

450+ CentOS servers. Updates and custom channels.

Anonymous Organization

250+ CentOS servers and hundreds of CentOS VMs. Updates and custom channels.

University of Manchester School of Computer Science

Over 400 systems (growing, with 900 as target) under management. System management and update, imaging and re-imaging and asset inventory.

ETH Zurich

~ 500 Fedora desktops and a bunch of CentOS machines (growing) fully managed. Provisioning, configuration management, update management, monitoring, reprovisioning.

University of Palermo (Italy)

82 systems (target is 200+) under management. System management, update, monitoring, configuration, provisioning.

College of LSA, University of Michigan

Testing Spacewalk server to support Scientific Linux, CERN Linux, and latest Fedora.

Hilton Grand Vacations Company

33 CentOS systems under management.

Myriad Genetics

~ 300 RHEL 4,5,6 servers, 20+ Solaris X86, a few Ubuntu servers, a few desktops(Fedora). Systems management, update, configuration, monitoring. Tied into change control and implementing security scans.

Instituto Superior Técnico, Institute for Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion

Management for the 96 computing nodes of the HPC cluster using Scientific Linux. Using Systems provisioning, update, configuration and monitoring.

Tribunal de Justiça do Estado do Maranhão - TJMA

~ 69 RHEL/CentOS 5,6,7 servers. Systems management, update, configuration, monitoring.

Red Hat

Spacewalk is the upstream project for the source of RHN Satellite.


Spacewalk is the upstream project for SuSE Manager