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Deprecated. As of Spacewalk 0.4 you should refer to this page HowToKickstartCobbler

Steps to kickstarting Fedora/CentOS (Pre Spacewalk 0.4)

Accessing the kickstart tree directly

If you look at a kickstart generated from the satellite, it uses --url !http://HOSTNAME/ty/FkpH3KcN. This is used by spacewalk to track a particular kickstart session. These tiny urls are time based and expire after several hours. If you want to access the kickstart tree directly, simply use this url:


so for example, if my spacewalk server is "" and my kickstart tree label (that I specified in the instructions above) is "fedora-9-i386", I would use: ! to access the full kickstart tree.

Please note: the kickstart trees are not browsable from the web UI. If you just put that url in your web browser you'll get a 404 since it isn't browsable. However, if you add a file that is in the tree, you should be able to download it. Example: ! would allow you to download the GPL file that is in the kickstart tree.