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OVAL Specification


Red Hat Network (hosted)

  • Oval information is pushed to RHN by Errata Tool
    • bugzilla_errata.submit_errata() XML-RPC call (not available in Spacewalk / Satellite)
    • Oval information is being saved as an XML file on a filer: com.redhat..xml
  • record in rhnErrataFile table for every single oval file
  • 'OVAL' type in rhnErratFileType table
  • XML-RPC call: errata.getOval(string sessionKey, string identifier)
  • oval data is currently not exported for satellite-sync
  • oval xml files available at http://rhn.redhat.com/rhn/oval?errata=<...>&format=<zip|xml>
    • https://rhn.redhat.com/rhn/oval?errata=10006
    • errata parameter can be either, errata id (rhnErrata.id), errata advisory (rhnErrata.advisory), CVE name (rhnCVE.name)
    • java application, no authentication required
    • linked from rhn/errata/details/Details.do (authenticated) pages


  • (User story 1) Ability to consume OVAL data from errata details page in Satellite's webui

  • (User story 2) Ability to transfer OVAL data during satellite-sync, more specifically:

    • live sync from RHN
    • satellite-sync -m. (from a channel dump)
    • inter satellite sync
    • rhn-satellite-exporter needs to be able to export OVAL data into a dump
  • (User story 3) Ability to access OVAL data via XML-RPC API

    • equivalent errata.getOval() call from RHN
  • (User story 4) Ability to clone errata with associated oval data

    • oval data needs to be available in the cloned errata


Most important part of the task is contained in user story 2: backend and satellite-sync need to be extended to support synchronization of OVAL content of hosted.

Some other parts of the functionality is already present in current spacewalk code, the code is either not used or disabled (spacewalk-java).

User story 2

RHN changes

Based on talks with Stephen Herr, RHN hosted will make changes in backend code:

  • when exporting erratas for sat-sync, erratas with oval data will put the oval file into file list for that particular errata, file type set to oval

  • new handler / function which satellite-sync will call to download oval file from hosted

  • the new functionality will most likely be tied to a new sync protocol version although older satellites should be able to deal with this change quite nicely

Changes in Spacewalk code:


New row in rhnErrataFileType:

insert into rhnErrataFileType ( id, label )
    values ( rhn_erratafile_type_id_seq.nextval, 'OVAL' );


  • modify satellite_tools.xmlWireSource to read oval data from RHN

  • satellite_tools.xmlDiskSource will be modified to read oval data from a channel dump

  • steps download-errata & errata in satellite-sync will be modified to process oval data downloaded from RHN / channel dump. Alternatively, new step download-oval could be introduced (dependent on download-errata step).

  • in case a particular errata has a file in its filelist with a file_type 'OVAL', this file will be downloaded from RHN (either plain XML or compressed; depending on how RHN will implement this funtionality) and written out to a filer (for example /var/satellite/rhn/oval)

  • modify satellite_tools.xmlDiskDumper to support writing out oval data to a channel dump

User story 1:

All required functionality is already present in current spacewalk-java. As long as a particular errata has oval data associated, Spacewalk webui will be able to display download link to the actual xml file.

There are some little differences between Spacewalk & RHN Hosted code which are worth investigating and including in our code (if needed) (classes: OvalServlet.java, ErrataDetailsSetupAction.java, ErrataHandler.java)

Branding issue in OvalFileAggregator.java: Spacewalk -> Red Hat Network Satellite

User story 3:

getOval xmlrpc call is present in current spacewalk-java code, but is being commented out (bug #504054): package com.redhat.rhn.frontend.xmlrpc.errata

This functionality needs to be restored, compared to RHN Hosted code and tested.

User story 4:

package com.redhat.rhn.domain.errata, createClone & copyDetails need to be modified to copy the oval details over to the cloned errata (ovalFile attribute).