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Patch Process

So you'd like to contribute to Spacewalk? Great!

We are using github to host the code and manage patch submissions through the github pull request process. What you're going to want to do generally is:

  1. Fork the official Spacewalk repository in github (found on the Downloads page).
  2. Make your changes in your own git repository (read the git instructions in the git guide).
  3. Submit a pull request to Spacewalk from your fork.

If you are a returning contributor and already have checkout out the old fedorahosted git repository, then in step 2 of the forking guide instead of cloning the repository you can simply update your current one to point to your new github fork:

git remote set-url origin 


git remote set-url origin 

Changes should be made to the to master branch; we'll take care of applying them to other releases as appropriate.