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python-gzipstream - Streaming zlib (gzip) support for python

A streaming gzip handler.

gzipstream.GzipStream extends the functionality of the gzip.GzipFile class to allow the processing of streaming data.


#!/usr/bin/python -u
""" test on huge file which tends to expose "interesting" behavior """
import os
import sys
import time

print "NOTE: intended to be run from the gzipstream directory in CVS"

from gzipstream import GzipStream

INPUT = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0]), 'huge-all-zeros.txt.gz')
BUFSIZE = 1024*16

t0 = time.time()

print "WARNING: This test takes a while to complete as it works on a very"
print "         file. It will:"
print "         - G*un*zipStream %s and count chars" % repr(INPUT)
print "         - compare with a zcat|wc"

    # python 2.* only
    class File(file):
        seek = None
    fin = File(INPUT, 'rb')
    print "Opened file as file object with no seek for a 'socket-like' test."
    print "Opened file as a normal file object."
    fin = open(INPUT, 'rb')

gzin = GzipStream(fin, 'r')

x =
count = len(x)

while x:
    x =
    count = count + len(x)

print "GzipStream's char count:\n%s" % count

print "'zcat <file> | wc -m' char count:"
os.system('zcat %s | wc -m' % INPUT)
print "They should match."

print 'Elapsed:', (time.time() - t0)/60.0, 'mins'



Get the code

Follow GitGuide and code is located in directory projects/python-gzipstream/ within checkout. If you run:

tito build --tgz

in that directory you will get latest tar.gz file.

Or download python-gzipstream-1.6.2.tar.gz