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Spacewalk 1.7 Release Notes

Hello friends of the walks in space,

we are happy to announce the release 1.7 of Spacewalk, a systems management solution.

The download locations are

with client repositories under

For fresh installations, please use steps from

If you plan to upgrade from older release, the following page can be helpful:

Features & Enhancements in Spacewalk 1.7

  • Monitoring is now working on the PostgreSQL database backend, making both database backends feature-comparable
  • OpenSCAP integration
  • Fully asynchronous clearing of orphaned monitoring data
  • Stock rhnpush is able to push debian packages
  • New spacewalk-clone-by-date tool
  • Numerous spacecmd enhancements
  • Improved messages printed when certificate activation fails
  • Modified API calls:
    • returns empty strings instead of omitting attributes
    • configchannel.createOrUpdatePath, createOrUpdateSymlink, getEncodedFileRevision, getFileRevision, getFileRevisions, lookupFileInfo, system.config.createOrUpdatePath, createOrUpdateSymlink, lookupFileInfo, and system.provisioning.snapshot.listSnapshotConfigFiles now return contents_enc64 field which identifies whether contents is Base64-encoded
    • system.comparePackages and system.comparePackageProfile return package_arch value
    • system.provisionVirtualGuest default values now match those on the WebUI
  • New API calls:
    • configchannel.getEncodedFileRevision
    • system.scap.scheduleXccdfScan

The up-to-date API documentation can be found at


Our thanks go to the community members who contributed to this release:

  • Aron Parsons
  • Jiří Mikulka
  • Joerg Steffens
  • Joshua Roys
  • Michael Calmer
  • Pierre Casenove
  • Simon Lukasik
  • Speagle, Andy
  • Steven Hardy

You can view the history of Spacewalk from its start to 1.7 at

Some statistics

In Spacewalk 1.7, we've seen

* 49  bugs fixed 
* 1246 changesets committed 
* 1581 commits done 

Reporting errors

To report issues with Spacewalk, please use mailing list to reach the user community. We might ask you to file bugzilla at with more details or full logs. From now on, errors related to PostgreSQL database backend are considered bug defects vs. missing capabilities.

Thank you for using Spacewalk.

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