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Release Cycles

Each Spacewalk release will be roughly two (6) months in duration. See Roadmap for upcoming releases.


We build Spacewalk rpms using Fedora Copr Build Service.

Builds in master branch are completely automated - once you commit your changes, tag the package and push th changes upstream with

    tito tag
    git push && git push --tags

an automatic build is issued via webhook from Github repo to Copr Build Service.

Branching a release

When we're nearing the end of a release cycle, we need to branch the release.

Make sure your master is clean and updated:

   git checkout master
   git pull (make sure things are clean)

Now create a local branch, where x.y is the release number, i.e. 0.2:

   git checkout -b spacewalk-x.y

Then, push your branch to the remote server, where x.y is the release number:

   git push origin spacewalk-x.y:refs/heads/SPACEWALK-x.y

Whenever doing any change and fixes in that branch, make sure they do not get lost -- commit to master first and then git cherry-pick -x to that "release" branch.