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  • Spacewalk asks user to pick dates using a collection of list boxes that is not a common pattern.
  • The picker is implemented as an included fragment that shares state


Date and time picker

We propose an implementation that first, fixes the usability.

  • Allows to select with mouse but also quickly enter values using a keyboard
  • Is connected to the i18n system

After evaluation various datepickers combined with timepickers, the one used at feels very usable, allowing quick usage both with mouse as with keyboard.


The result is a nice looking picker that looks like:


Clicking on the date field would open a calendar. But you can still just enter the date.




  • The picker is implemented as a JSP custom tag that glues some javascript and css together.
  • The translation (javascript struct) is generated from the Spacewalk application settings and available translations
  • The datepicker.jspf is still available (for backward compatibilit), it uses rhn:datepicker itself, so it is now just two lines.
  • The tag generates the input fields of the previous picker as hidden inputs and populates them, so actions still just work out of the box