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@tgamblin tgamblin released this
· 32 commits to releases/v0.13 since this release
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This release contains major performance improvements for Spack environments, as well as some bugfixes and minor changes.

  • allow missing modules if they are blacklisted (#13540)
  • speed up environment activation (#13557)
  • mirror path works for unknown versions (#13626)
  • environments: don't try to modify run-env if a spec is not installed (#13589)
  • use semicolons instead of newlines in module/python command (#13904)
  • os.path.exists exception handling (#13656)
  • Document use of the maintainers field (#13479)
  • bugfix with config caching (#13755)
  • hwloc: added 'master' version pointing at the HEAD of the master branch (#13734)
  • config option to allow gpg warning suppression (#13744)
  • fix for relative symlinks when relocating binary packages (#13727)
  • allow binary relocation of strings in relative binaries (#13724)