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@alalazo alalazo released this 18 Nov 14:07
· 142 commits to releases/v0.16 since this release

v0.16.0 (2020-11-18)

v0.16.0 is a major feature release.

Major features in this release

  1. New concretizer (experimental) Our new backtracking concretizer is
    now in Spack as an experimental feature. You will need to install
    clingo@master+python and set concretizer: clingo in config.yaml
    to use it. The original concretizer is not exhaustive and is not
    guaranteed to find a solution if one exists. We encourage you to use
    the new concretizer and to report any bugs you find with it. We
    anticipate making the new concretizer the default and including all
    required dependencies for it in Spack v0.17. For more details, see

  2. spack test (experimental) Users can add test() methods to their
    packages to run smoke tests on installations with the new spack test
    command (the old spack test is now spack unit-test). spack test
    is environment-aware, so you can spack install an environment and
    spack test run smoke tests on all of its packages. Historical test
    logs can be perused with spack test results. Generic smoke tests for
    MPI implementations, C, C++, and Fortran compilers as well as specific
    smoke tests for 18 packages. This is marked experimental because the
    test API (self.run_test()) is likely to be change, but we encourage
    users to upstream tests, and we will maintain and refactor any that
    are added to mainline packages (#15702).

  3. spack develop New spack develop command allows you to develop
    several packages at once within a Spack environment. Running
    spack develop foo@v1 and spack develop bar@v2 will check
    out specific versions of foo and bar into subdirectories, which you
    can then build incrementally with spack install (#15256).

  4. More parallelism Spack previously installed the dependencies of a
    single spec in parallel. Entire environments can now be installed in
    parallel, greatly accelerating builds of large environments. get
    parallelism from individual specs. Spack now parallelizes entire
    environment builds (#18131).

  5. Customizable base images for spack containerize
    spack containerize previously only output a Dockerfile based
    on official Spack images from Dockerhub. You may now specify
    any base image of your choosing (#15028).

  6. more external finding spack external find was added in v0.15,
    but only cmake had support. spack external find can now find
    bison, cuda, findutils, flex, git, lustre m4, mpich,
    mvapich2, ncurses, openmpi, perl, spectrum-mpi, tar, and
    texinfo on your system and add them automatically to

  7. Support aocc, nvhpc, and oneapi compilers We are aggressively
    pursuing support for the newest vendor compilers, especially those for
    the U.S. exascale and pre-exascale systems. Compiler classes and
    auto-detection for aocc, nvhpc, oneapi are now in Spack (#19345,
    #19294, #19330).

Additional new features of note

  • New spack mark command can be used to designate packages as explicitly
    installed, so that spack gc will not garbage-collect them (#16662).
  • install_tree can be customized with Spack's projection format (#18341)
  • sbang now lives in the install_tree so that all users can access it (#11598)
  • csh and tcsh users no longer need to set SPACK_ROOT before
    sourcing setup-env.csh (#18225)
  • Spec syntax now supports variant=* syntax for finding any package
    that has a particular variant (#19381).
  • Spack respects SPACK_GNUPGHOME variable for custom GPG directories (#17139)
  • Spack now recognizes Graviton chips

Major refactors

Deprecations and Removals

  • spack bootstrap was deprecated in v0.14.0, and has now been removed.
  • spack setup is deprecated as of v0.16.0.
  • What was spack test is now called spack unit-test. spack test is
    now the smoke testing feature in (2) above.


Some of the most notable bugfixes in this release include:

Package Improvements

Spack now has 5050 total packages, 720 of which were added since v0.15.

  • ROCm packages (hip, aomp, more) added by AMD (#19957, #19832, others)
  • Many improvements for ARM support
  • llvm-flang, flang, and f18 removed, as llvm has real flang
    support since Flang was merged to LLVM mainline
  • Emerging support for spack external find and spack test in packages.


  • Major infrastructure improvements to pipelines on
  • Support for testing PRs from forks (#19248) is being enabled for all
    forks to enable rolling, up-to-date binary builds on develop