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Myrtle is a Javascript mocking framework

  • Mocking (spying and stubbing functions)

  • Mock function generation

  • Timer manipulation

  • Speed profiling

  • Full documentation for this is on the wiki.

  • Myrtle has a sister project called Tyrtle which you might also like!

Tyrtle is a Javascript unit testing framework

Tyrtle has been designed for simplicity and legibility, with minimal pollution of the global namespace.

Check it out.

Here's an example of how you can write an assertion:

assert.that(Math.sqrt(49)).is(7).since("The square root of 49 should be 7");

If that's too much typing for you, it's good to know that Tyrtle gives you a fine heaping of syntactic sugar: that, is and since are all completely optional! If you prefer a terser syntax, the exact same assertion can be written like this:

assert(Math.sqrt(49))(7)("The square root of 49 should be 7");